Foot complex for the gym

Pelvic lift and leg extension with expander

We fix the expander ring on the hips. Firstly lie on your back stretching hands by your sides, legs on the floor bent at the knees. Without taking our arms, shoulders, head and feet off, we raise our pelvis, spread our hips and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 20 times for 3-4 sets.

Squats with an expander

Again, we fix the expander on the hips. We take a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, hands in the lock. We squat, using the muscles of the torso, pulling the pelvis back and the body slightly forward, stretching the arms straight. Slowly return to the starting position.

Lunge squats

Starting position-standing with your hands locked in front of you. We take a step back with our left foot and lower ourselves into a lunge, bending our knee. Next, slightly unbend the knee and repeat the lunge. We straighten our legs, get up, bringing the left toe to the right foot. We do the required number of repetitions on each leg.

Chest muscle exercises

Push-ups with a wide grip

We take the "lying stop" position, put our palms 20 cm wider than the shoulder line. You can not let your elbows go beyond your hands, your pelvis is raised, and your back hangs down. As you inhale, lower your body, straining your torso and leaning on your toes until the bend angle at the elbows reaches 90 degrees. We straighten up to the starting position while exhaling.

Push-ups with a narrow grip

This exercise is aimed at working out the triceps, while the previous one involves the pectoral muscles. Again, we take the emphasis lying down, but put our palms directly under the chest a few centimeters from each other. For better balance, you can spread your legs a little. We do several sets of push-ups.

Complex for core muscles

Dynamic plank with leg pull-up

This exercise is maintaining the muscles of the whole body in good shape, many celebrities include it in their training. We stand at point-blank range lying down, leaning on our elbows with our legs together. Try to pull right hip to the torso through the side, while slightly turning the body to the right. We return to the starting position. We alternate repetitions on different sides. We do several approaches. In addition, there are many other variations of the dynamic plank on straight and bent arms: with the withdrawal and lifting of the legs and arms to the sides, bringing the legs to the elbows, with lowering the knees, and so on.

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